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Service option

We want to take excellent care of your pool or spa. One of our pool care options is to have your pool or spa chemicals delivered to your home for you to balance and care for your pool yourself . 

Service option

We want to take excellent care of your pool or spa. Another option for your pool care is regular monthly (usually one visit per week) care. Which includes wall brushing, chemical check and balance, vacuum, netting, basket cleaning and filter cleaning when needed.

Service option

Another pool or spa service option is bi-monthly ( two times a month) or a few times a week, in most cases you may have a property for sale, a vacation rental or a commercial pool or spa. Whatever your pool or spa needs, we can take care of it when you need it.

Additional services

Do you think you may have a swamp and not a pool or spa anymore? That's alright, I can fix it...I offer algae treatments, and many other treatments for your pool or spa to return and keep your pool or spa fresh, clean and clear.

A Few More Services

Pool cage or pool or spa patio area looking a little rough? I also offer pressure washing service. Pool or spa pump or motor making weird noises? I can replace and install a new one, and also repair plumbing and pumps.  I also offer referrals if you have a project that requires work I don't offer.

I Appreciate My Customers

Any new customers will receive 50% OFF the first month of pool or spa cleaning service! (Sorry, does not include any treatments, installations or repairs.)  We also offer this special if you refer a friend!